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What specifically you can get in the GameDev
Goethe incubator?

Find like-minded people and form a team

Regular consultations with mentors

Preferential access to the services of the best GameDev experts:

programmers, designers, illustrators, 3D-modelers and more

Get financial support for promising game projects

Assistance in finding employment in domestic and foreign gaming studios

Launch and promotion in the local and world market for the best games

Quantity of registered



2D/3D Designers




Keen on games



First stage: Official launch of the incubator

The opening ceremony will be held at the Goethe Institute, where the project overview, information about specialists and presentation of game ideas from applicants will be introduced. Then, after a coffee break, a session will last with the formation of teams, the lecture on the analysis game market and the master class related to creating a design document. At the end, all teams will get registered.

The stage will begin with a brief workshop on how to develop a design document and evaluate it. Further, all participants will start to work on design documents, invited specialists will consult teams during and after work, and then check the design documents. After all stages get over, prizes will be awarded for best three works on design documents and the lecture held on topic titled "Overview of Unity, Unreal Engine, Construct engines". At the end of second stage, there will be a master class on prototype development, including by using Visual Programming for those who have no coding experience.

Second stage: Design Documents Cup

Third stage: Prototype Cup.

It will start with the work on prototypes of games, consultation from experts within work process and verification of these prototypes. Next, a lecture on the game beta version takes place and the stage will wind up with awarding best three works.

It begins with a brief workshop on how to get ready product for the Beta stage. Further, all participants will start to work on a game beta version and shortly afterward test them. It will last with a lecture on the topic titled "How to complete the game and what is important for the player?" At the end, prizes will be awarded for the best three works.

Fourth stage: Beta-version Cup

Fifth stage: Game Exhibition (Release Event)

This stage will start with a game demonstration for all guests, and onward they will enjoy the opportunity to evaluate games. Next, there will be awarding of super prize (for the team that won 3 cups) and prizes to the TOP 3 Games according to visitors. Following all participants will be given certificates. Further, applications for a game publisher will open. At the end, residents and mentors will be invited to a closed buffet.



Shahruz Ashirov

Blockchain Speaker.Business trainer.Developer of software products and training courses.Founder of ADS Software Group, Puzzle World Games, ZefirVR.


Mihail Shpirko

Unity Evangelist and Trainer at Amaya Soft.8 years in Software Development.


Akmal Salihov

Founder of VRonica.Managing Partner of Amaya Soft Mentor and tracker in the leading start-up and IT acceleration projects of the country


Pavel Gusalov

Professionally develops video games for 8 years.Collaborates with the world leader in online games – Y8.com portal, where he creates casual games for various target audiences.


Anton Lekarev

UI/UX designer, worked with Playrix, Mail.ru. Has 8+ years of experience in game development.

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